Planning partitions for an install

Peter pboy at
Thu Sep 23 15:30:04 UTC 2004

Am Do, den 23.09.2004 schrieb richard mullens um 13:58:
> I propose installing FC3T2 to a system with two drives.
> On the second drive I would like to keep /home and my e-mail, and 
> perhaps /usr/local   ...
> What partition(s) should I choose for my e-mail so that when I 
> reinstall, from scratch (not update)
> my mail remains intact ?  

Your email is stored in /home (in subdir evolution, I just don't
remember the dir for KMail). The subdir /var/spool/mail and mqueue store
mail only contemporarly, (as long as it has not been handeld by a local
MA and only in the case you run your own mail server - not realy a
candidate for Fedora Test anyway).

> (Or must I back it all up anyway).

A good idea (but I'm somewhat lazzy, too)

> Would /var be an appropriate candidate for the second drive (so /var/www 
> is retained also) ?

The LSB suggests to create a /srv tree which contains subdirs for www,
ftp and all other services. You shoud create it on your second disk.

You may consider to use LVM on your second disk in order to be able to
easily  resize partitions oder create new ones.

I would avoid to clutter to much with the standard distribution tree.


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