Hostname won't stick

RON FLORY ron.flory at
Mon Sep 27 13:22:54 UTC 2004

Paul Pianta wrote:

> Michael Seney wrote:
>> Anyone ever have a problem with setting your hostname.
>> Here is the deal, I dual boot w/ Windows XP which is
>> ofcourse the first partition NTFS. Then there is a
>> Fat32 Middle Partition and then my ext3 / a swap and
>> /home which is ext3. For some reason it autonames my
>> hostname upon installation gecko? I think Windows uses
>> that? I wanted to make it something different and edit
>> the /etc/hosts and made the    newhostname localhost. Used 
>> #hostname newhostname. Restarted X
>> server and it took until a reboot? Any ideas why it
>> wants to be gecko and doesn't like any other hostnames
>> I want to specify. * I just put FC3T2 on this system
>> and previously ran Debian Sarge with the hostname I
>> liked without a problem.
> Yeah setting hostname on a fedora box can be a bit of a run-around. 
> There are 3 things that I do to get it right ...
> 1. Add it to your /etc/hosts
> 2. Run the command 'hostname newhostname'
> 3. Modify the HOSTNAME parameter in '/etc/sysconfig/network'

  I believe 1 & 2 above are temporary at best (if they work at all),
#3 is preferred and will survive a reboot.


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