Worst experience with Up2Date ever.

Rodd Clarkson rodd at redfishbluefish.com.au
Wed Sep 22 12:28:35 UTC 2004

I'm having real problems with up2date since upgrading from FC2 to FC3t2.

There was the usual flood of new packages after the release of FC3t2 and
up2date seemed to be totally incapable of downloading them and
installing.  Worse, up2date would show that packages needed to be
installed, but couldn't find them when asked to update them, or would
show nothing needing to be updated when there were over 175 packages
needing updating.

The icon in the notification area is currently displaying as red and
shows that 55 packages need updating, but if I click on the icon and
then click Launch up2date (which shows 55 packages needing updates) and
then click through, up2date says my system is up to date (it isn't)

It's trying to use yum channel fedora-core-rawhide from
for the updates.


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