missing dependency "libgnutls.so.11(GNUTLS_REL_1_0_9)"

Ken Nordquist ken at geekystuff.net
Sat Apr 23 15:20:28 UTC 2005

Caerie Houchins wrote:

> --> Processing Dependency: libgnutls.so.11(GNUTLS_REL_1_0_9) for 
> package: libsoup
> --> Finished Dependency Resolution
> Error: Missing Dependency: libgnutls.so.11(GNUTLS_REL_1_0_9) is needed 
> by package libsoup
> yum update appears to work fine if I exclude gnutls.
> Caerie Houchins
I am running an x86_64 and I ran into the same dependency problems...  
and like Sylvain Rouillard I had more of the same mmap errors.  I have 
had those consistently since 1240.

Ken Nordquist

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