Rpms, C/D burning and Sound in FC3

gslink gslink at one.net
Mon Jan 3 15:28:01 UTC 2005

As of Dec. 17 there was a set of replacement rpms in FC3 updates.  The 
libe package was poisonous.  It defeated click to install and also fixed 
the system so it was impossible to manage users and groups.  These rpms 
have been removed from updates but if anyone has loaded them then you 
need to unload them.
Our experience with sound in FC3 is that it only works for the root user 
unless you install the updates for FC3.  With the updates installed 
sound and also C/D burning work normally.
Even with the updates KPPP still will dial and connect but no other 
program can use the connection.
In EVERY case that we have tried we were unable to use the FC3 discs to 
UPGRADE.  If you are going to use FC3 follow the RH warning and 
reinstall.  Then put the updates in.  The updates may make the problem 

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