Detection of printers in FC4

Kyrre Ness Sjobak kyrre at
Sun Jan 9 17:29:57 UTC 2005

What if there was some kind of "chanel" system - i.e. you could join the
"physics department" chanel, and only printers shared to this channel,
would be seen.

fre, 07.01.2005 kl. 16.10 skrev Jeff Spaleta:
> On Fri, 07 Jan 2005 09:28:18 -0500, gslink <gslink at> wrote:
> > This is fine but searching for and publishing printers that
> > just have a lan address is wrong.  On a large lan this could take hours
> > and result in a long printer listing.
> And your suggestion to fix this is?
> Are you suggesting that auto-detection not be done?
> Are you suggesting that listing of auto-detected printers not be done?
> Network detection has to be done at some point to compile a list of
> available printers so there is no getting around the issue of it
> taking a long time to get the printers available on the network
> without a centralized listing to communicate to.
> I'm much more interested in preventing a default long list of
> available network printers.
> But to do that there must be a way in the ui to hide and to unhide
> individual ques in the browsable list.  I would also love to be able
> to see the ip address of device where the que is being browsed from,
> and I would love to be able to 'hide' all ques from specific ip
> addresses.
> In a large network I can not rely on the Description string that shows
> up in the s-c-printer listing to be correct, its just a fact of life
> on a big network. If i could see the ip address in the listing I could
> at least track down the devices location that is broadcasting and
> inform IT about its misconfigured cups ques and make some progress
> either getting the que removed or its Description corrrected.
> Right now... sitting on a large network with my fc2 or fc3 machine...
> my cups listing is a wasteland of auto-detected cups ques from linux
> machines in offices with locally attached printers with Descriptions
> like 'location unknown' and que names like 'printer' and 'printer1'.
> Intermixed with listings from an IT department controlled cups system
> that I actually want to interact with.   I typically need to use 3
> printers on the network, a fast black and white, a color phaser and a
> plotter. The black and white is the default.. and the default works
> just fine. But negotiating the 300+ list of printers every time i want
> to print to the plotter is an annoyance, especially when the list
> isn't static and i can't assume the plotter i want is going to show up
> in relatively the same place bracketted by the same list neighbors.
> In a better world i would be able to hide cups servers and individual
> ques that I don't want to see on the client computer I control in my
> office.  In a perfect world there would be a way in the ui to seperate
> a listing of 'available' printers from the printers i have selected
> already to be usable on my client. Hidden printers would be listed in
> the very long 'available'  list while printers I have selected are in
> the default list shown in s-c-printer and the appliction print
> dialogs. Thus preventing me from having to see a list of 300+ printers
> on the network unless I want to select a new printer to use from the
> 'available' list. In my perfect world.
> my s-c-printer list and my printing dialog list would by default show
> exactly 3 printers, the printers i use.  If i need to use a 4th
> printer. i'd hop over to the available list and select it to be
> usable.
> -jef

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