More NetworkManager related update problems

Dan Williams dcbw at
Tue Jan 18 15:42:05 UTC 2005


Here's whats going to happen:

1) The wireless-tools update will be pulled from FC3-updates
2) A NetworkManager that doesn't use bind & caching-nameserver will be
pushed to FC3-updates, and therefore will use 'nscd -i hosts' and not
work in some situations
3) Rawhide will continue to use NM in a bind & caching-nameserver
situation until the replacement is ready.

The replacement for the bind+caching-nameserver situation is likely to
comprise lwresd (from the bind package) and nss_lwres, but won't be
ready for some amount of time because work still has to be done to bring
lwresd up to the functionality of the bind+caching-nameserver packages.
There isn't really anything that works for 99% of what we need now
_except_ bind+caching-nameserver, and since people have a crusade
against that, we have to fix up lwresd instead.


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