testing kudzu

Peter Lawler fedora-test-list at six-by-nine.com.au
Thu Jul 21 22:04:47 UTC 2005

Bill Nottingham wrote:
> Russell Coker (russell at coker.com.au) said: 
>>However I am having problems in getting Kudzu to do anything 

> It's no longer interactive in FC4 at all.
> Bill

Not strictly true. I've had it prompt for (and completely ignore my 
input of) the root password when kudzu attempts to run 
system-config-display (which had no reason to be run, but I guess that's 
another story).

I hadn't filed a bug yet as I'd still been querying for similar 
kudzu-ish stuff. If you could give me some pointers as to what may be 
useful in a bugzilla reoprt for this, beyond the usual 'expected' and 
'actual' results, I guess now is a god time for me to ask and short-cut 
a few bugzilla entries.


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