yum error

Cream lists at donut.dk
Wed Mar 9 16:24:51 UTC 2005

Jeff Spaleta wrote:
> yeah i know whats wrong...
> yer running a mix of rawhide and fc3... depending on the mix you will
> see spectacularly unique brokenness.  If you have moved to the
> python2.4 in rawhide for example.. you should expect all sorts of
> python based apps in fc3 to break... simply because the python module
> paths have changed. For comparison, I'm using a full rawhide system
> with yum 2.3.1without tracebacks.
> I suggest you do a simple  locate pgpmsg as a first step to
> troubleshooting if you plan to continue to use a mix of rawhide and
> fc3.

Thanks for the quick & constructive replies for a silly question.

I'll exclude=yum* untill FC4, where my messy system hopefully can get a 
full upgrade trough yum. (its 400km away, so im not reinstalling it atm)

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