FC4t1 messages log Can't set EGID to user GID

Dwaine Castle dcastle at knology.net
Thu Mar 17 01:35:02 UTC 2005

I've had very few problems with FC1 - 3.  FC4 has presented me with a

I normally would have not even tried to install the OS with a media check
error but what-the-hell.


Booting into init 5 won't work,  Init 3 seems to work OK, but when I try to
change to runlevel 5 things get slow.  Top shows a least 4 processes queued
in runlevel 5, compared to 0.17 in runlevel 3.


I've noticed a message in the message log that I wonder if anybody else is

Fc gdm[2907] Can't set EGID to user GID

Last message repeated 59437

Last message repeated 119038


Millions of times


Could this account for the slowness that people are seeing?


Is this a PAM or SE problem that I can disable or fix?








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