Running FC4t1 under FC3-xen

Colin Charles byte at
Fri Mar 18 08:48:37 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-03-16 at 16:49 +1300, Mark Derricutt wrote:
> I've never played with Xen, but having seen it mentioned alot I keep 
> thinking I wouldn't mind checking it out.  (as an aside to the FC4t1 
> question, are there Xen RPMS for FC3/FC4? )

Not directly from the Fedora Project, no there are no Xen rpms for FC3.
They also require some kernel stuff to be added

You might be able to get Xen from an upstream source, but keep in mind
that you can't test X with it easily for instance... Its not like
vmware, per se

Doing it the other way around might be a better option (i.e. install
FC-3 inside Xen running FC4t1); you still wont get all the wonderful X
stuff though
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