FC4t1 and up2date

Jim Cornette fct-cornette at insight.rr.com
Sat Mar 19 03:10:49 UTC 2005

Gene C. wrote:
> For those who would like to use up2date --
> The currently is a bug in up2date (already reported at least once in bugzilla) 
> which does not allow selection or moving to the next step (downloading and 
> then install) UNLESS there is an exception package to select.
> So, until up2date is fixed, you can use it by adding a packages (that needs 
> updating anyway) to the Package Exceptions and then select it when you run 
> up2date.
> I wish I understood yum better and it could probably do the just just fine but 
> with the current conflicts in development, there is no easy way to select 
> packages.  (OK Seth, tel me how to do it).

Thanks for the workaround for up2date. I guess if you added all packages 
. (an * to the exceptions), it would allow you to select all packages.

Regarding yum, I started using it even for FC3. With FC3 it is just a 
matter of running 'yum upgrade' as root from a terminal. For development 
use, it is a complete nightmare when there are packages that do not meet 
the required library versions. Though there was the  rationality that 
yum should quit if any package requirement is not met, it would be 
easier for yum to do the best with packages that conditions are met and 
report on programs that it could not resolve conflicts for. It doesn't 
seem the best practice to have to feed a long list of exclude packages 
to the yum parameter for development.

I reported the up2date problem after symlinking the libssl and other 
newer version library to get up2date to even function. When yum went 
down also, I went back to RHL 5.2 method of downloading rpms listed to a 
directory, then installing directly with rpm. It was not much different 
than having to download tar files for selection and install when RHN was 


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