Unresolvable dependency

Markus Håkansson mh at samurajdata.se
Sun Mar 20 02:29:16 UTC 2005

lör 2005-03-19 klockan 12:30 -0500 skrev Ignacio Vazquez-Abrams:
> On Sat, 2005-03-19 at 12:12 -0500, John Dennis wrote:
> > yum --exclude=gnomemeeting upgrade
> > yum --exclude='gnomemeeting*' upgrade
> > yum --exclude='*gnomemeeting*' upgrade
> > 
> > each with the same result, am I not using exclude correctly?
> No, you're excluding properly, you're just excluding the wrong package.
> You should be excluding pwlib instead.

I was having the same problem earlier today, but it worked when yum used
a different mirror. I get this message every now and then when mirrors
aren't fully updated and while using rawhide I expect it.
Usually when it is a bigger problem someone will post a working
exclude-line that makes the update work and everything is okay.

However, everytime I have had this problem I have been unable to figure
out which packages needs to be excluded by myself.

Yum output was something like this (sorry but I haven't got the exact
Failed dependency:
 libXYZ.so.1.2.3 is needed by gnomemeeting

The way I read this is that package containgin libXYZ does not yet exist
on the mirror (or something else is broken with it) and the new version
of gnomemeeting needs it, so the solution is to not update
Am I reading yum's output the wrong way?
How to I determine which packages that need to be excluded to be able to

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