Nvidia 7167 hangs initializing GLX

Caerie Houchins cdhouch at pobox.com
Mon Mar 21 04:00:14 UTC 2005

Well I've been working on this for a few days to no avail.  My xorg.conf
works with the new NVIDIA 7167 drivers as long as the "load "glx""
command is commented out.  Otherwise it hangs on the initializing glx
part of startx.

I'm pretty much at a loss at this point.  I have a dual monitor setup
and am using Twinview.  Obviously glxinfo segfaults without glx
initialized.  I'm going to post here and on nvnews, but since FC4 T1
isn't "officially" supported I wanted to run it by you guys first.

Here is a link to all the info from the nvidia-bug-report.log (didn't
want to attach a 190k file. :)


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