Xmms building problems

Aaron Kurtz a.kurtz at hardsun.net
Thu Mar 24 12:54:49 UTC 2005

On Thu, 2005-03-24 at 21:13 +1000, djh wrote:
> Aaron Kurtz wrote:
> >I'm having problems rebuilding xmms on FC4t1...
> >
> Here's a patch to make it build with gcc4.
> Maybe we should just let it die and use bmp instead?

That (or more likely shoving it off to Extras) was discussed earlier in
f-devel since it's one of the few packages still dependant on gtk+. Some
bmp issues are xmms-only plugins, lack of a double-sized option and i386
only, although somebody in f-extras is working on PPC builds. I think
everyone agreed that a player other than rhythmbox is a good idea

The patch worked nicely. Thanks.
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