kernel-2.6.11-1.1202 hangs

Paul paul at
Sat Mar 26 12:40:11 UTC 2005


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> > Here, booting into run-level 3 seems to work. But booting with rhgb or
> > running startx makes it lock up hard (with blank black screen) as soon
> > as it tries to switch video modes. Same with 1191.

> i had the same problem which went away after removing the nvidiafb
> module. if you also have a nvidia card then it may also work for you.

Makes no difference at this end. If I remove the rhgb and quiet options
from the boot commandline, I still get a lock up. I don't have the
nvidiafb module loaded, but do have a GF4.

1191 and 1201 both lock.


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