FC4-T1 Installs (Long)

nodata fedora at nodata.co.uk
Sun Mar 27 16:06:18 UTC 2005

On Sun, 2005-03-27 at 08:32 -0700, Steve Fink wrote:
> Hardware:
> Gigabyte GA-7VKMP
> AMD Athlon XP Processor running at 1250mhz
> Maxtor 80GB HDD
> Sony DVD-RW
> 2 Realtec 81390 NICS
> Software:
> FC4-test1 on DVD from DVD.iso obtained from torrent.
> Initial install was a Custom install choosing to allow Disk Druid to
> partition the drives automatically using the entire HDD,
> No Firewall (I like to add it later),
> SELinux Disabled,
> then adding Editors,
> Authoring & Publishing,
> Games and Entertainment,
> Development Tools,
> X Software Development,
> Gnome Software Development,
> Administration Tools and System Tools.
> The install completed fine and everything looked as expected and I
> rebooted.
> RHGB started during the first boot and there were several errors about
> Gtk.FALSE being deprecated and to use FALSE instead.
> Firstboot did not start and I was unable to add an additional user.
> I logged into the system as root, the system hung just after drawing the
> cursor and background, I did not see the Splash Screen start.  I allowed
> the system to sit for approximately 10 minutes and nothing.
> I did a CTRL+ALT+F2 and received a red background console and tried to
> login.  The login hung also, I moved back and forth between consoles and
> received a psychedelic screen with fantastically colored vertical
> stripes. I hit reset and rebooted the PC.  After a second RHGB with the
> same Gtk errors I once again logged in as root and received the splash
> screen.  I was able to add a user and logout.  I then attempted a login
> as the newly created user, to no avail.
> I then started over this time choosing an Everything install.
> I rebooted and was greeted with Firstboot and able to input a user.
> I attempted a login as the user and waited.  I never received a Splash
> Screen.  Moving through the consoles once again resulted in the vertical
> lines.
> I then wondered if the problems with the console and such could be
> related to the Onboard S3 video.
> I installed a Nvidia GeForce 3 Titanium card and booted the system.
> RHGB failed and FC4 booted in text mode after booting GDM started as
> expected and I logged in, the screen sat at the same place with no
> splash screen for approximately 10 minutes.
> I then moved through the consoles and was able to login with no
> problems.  All vertical lines were gone.
> I went to bed at this point.
> Returning after 6 hours of sleep did not change the login issue.
> I am now going to reconfigure and try the install on an Intel processor
> to aid in troubleshooting.
> Best,
> Steve

Install FC4T1, then enter runlevel 3:

At the grub prompt select a kernel, press "a" for append, enter "
3" (space 3). Push enter.

Log in as root from the console, run
 yum update

After the update, reboot or run init 5.

Does that fix things?

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