Missing Artwork in Gnome

Scott talbotscott at cox.net
Sun Mar 27 16:10:40 UTC 2005

Gerry Tool wrote:

> Jeffrey D. Yuille wrote:
>> Hello,
>>      I have noticed that when I do a clean install of FC4T1 with the
>> Gnome desktop, the little red fedora does not appear on the applications
>> menu, even with Bluecurve installed as the default.  Is this a bug or is
>> this the way the menu bar supposed to appear?  I also notice that in
>> some of the applications menus, there are no icons next to the stated
>> application.  Is this a bug also?  Can anyone chime in on this?
>> Thanks
>> Jeff
> That all works for me.  Have you done a complete update since installing?
> Use
> yum update
> to install the updates.
> Gerry
This seems to be a spurious problem, but not widespread (unless not many 
people are responding)  I have been seeng this for at least 2 months 
(been using rawhide since FC3T1). But I have not worried about it.  I 
Thought perhaps there was a new package that I had not installed, but if 
you have a clean install, that would seem to rule that out There is a 
bugzilla opened by Sean Earp (see post titled missing artwork) the 
Bugzilla # is 149501 you probably want to add yourself to the CC list 
and tell them anything unique you've seen.


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