Fedora Core 4 Test 2 64-bit - SATA Problem

FRANK LODENSE flodense at ajusd.org
Fri May 6 15:15:58 UTC 2005

I recently installed Fedora Core 4 Test 2 64-bit on a Supermicro 7044H-TR 
server.  It has a Super X6DHT-G motherboard which has a 6300ESB SATA 
controller onboard.  I also have a Marvell 88SX6081 SATA controller installed. 
 I had no problems with the onboard 6300ESB controller.  I was able to see the 
hard drives hooked to it during install and use them.  My problem lies with 
the Marvell controller. After installation I am unable to see any of the 
drives I have attached to the Marvell controller.  In total I have 10 sata 
drives in the system, 2 are attached to the onboard controller and 8 are 
attached to the Marvell controller.  When I do an lsmod I see that the 
ata_piix module is being used by 10 devices, but there are only dev files for 
sda/sdb, the two drives hooked to the onboard controller.  Any suggestions 
would be a great help, thanks in advance.

Frank L'Odense
Network Applications Engineer
Apache Junction Unified School District
Phone: 480-982-1110 Ext. 2041

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