FC4t3 "install exited abnormally"; no boot

David Kewley kewley at gps.caltech.edu
Thu May 12 20:05:00 UTC 2005

Hi all,

I'm installing FC4t3 x86_64 on a Dell Precision 370 with no other OSes.  My 
install source is an NFS-exported loopback-mounted DVD image downloaded with 
http://torrent.linux.duke.edu/FC4-test3-DVD-x86_64.torrent; the SHA1SUM 
checked out.  I made two installation attempts; I observed the second one 
more carefully than the first one.

On both attempts, the installation almost completed but left the system 
unbootable.  The first time, as I recall the reboot gave "OS not found" or 
similar.  The second time, the installation exited with "install exited 
abnormally", and upon reboot, grub threw error 15, at the point of loading 
stage 1.5.

Both installation attempts installed all, or almost all, of the packages I 
requested before exiting abnormally.  On the second attempt, the "install 
exited abnormally" was printed on VT1 quickly after a package (the last 
package?) was installed in the X session on VT7.

I've asked for an "Everything" install.  Besides that, I don't believe I 
changed any of the installer defaults.

Has anyone else seen this, or can you offer a suggestion?


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