Firefox - why is it better?

Jared Buck JBuck814366460 at
Tue May 24 16:33:43 UTC 2005

You can change the directory firefox downloads into by going to the Edit
- Preferences menu, then selecting downloads.  lots of stuff you can
change there, including where stuff gets downloaded to.

And as for the interface?  it's not hard, you just go to the firefox
extensions website, then download the extension you want, then restart
firefox after it installs.  All of them can be individually configured
from the Extensions dialog box under the Tools menu (just select the one
you want to work with and hit options.


On Tue, 2005-05-24 at 11:37 -0500, akonstam at wrote:
> Again I am not trying to start a rant I just want to know.
> I find firefox somewhat inferior to the previous mozilla. Why do
> people support it so?
> 1. The ctrl-l option is somewhat worse than the previous ctrl-shift-l
> option.
> 2. I would like my downloaded files to go in my home directory. So as
> root I want them to go into /root. That may be unreasonable to some
> people but it can't be done in firefox. The Desktop folder is the last
> place I want to put them.
> 3. The interface to add helper applications is obscure compared to
> mozilla.
> And on and on. I guess I am just a curmudgeon. Remember I am not trying
> to start a rant , I am just very curious why firefox is taking over.
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