Firefox - why is it better?

David Woodhouse dwmw2 at
Thu May 26 22:48:38 UTC 2005

On Wed, 2005-05-25 at 12:32 -0400, David Zeuthen wrote:
> Uhm, I think it's pretty interesting that the original complaint
> revolved around something an ordinary user would never do (or at least
> never should): selecting the file '/usr/bin/emacs' in the file
> chooser.

That's just an example. Point it at _any_ large directory. Watch it

Sometimes I start pine to read my email while I'm waiting for Evolution.
Kmail is looking more and more attractive every day.

> However, that's not to say the issues reported shouldn't be fixed
> though. File bugs.
I probably would have filed a bug about it, but I suppose I consider it
an Evolution issue, because that's when it bites me most. Since I've
already got enough Evo issues outstanding, some of which even have
patches attached but _still_ aren't fixed, I can't really be bothered to
file any more. There has to come a point when you just give up on it and
start looking for an alternative.


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