[OT] Upgrading from RH73 to FC2

MW Mike Weiner (5028) MWeiner at ag.com
Sat May 28 14:44:32 UTC 2005

On Friday 27 May 2005 02:51 pm, Dave Jones wrote:
> What happens when yum gets to installing udev, and sees it deprecates
> MAKEDEV and friends, and your /dev goes away ?

It works.  Just make sure you're running a 2.6 kernel and have FC3 initscripts 
installed and /sys/ mounted before installing the udev RPM.  However, the 
thread originator is migrating RH7.3->FC2 and shouldn't need to worry about 

Instead he'll probably need to install (not upgrade) the FC2 db4 so that RPM 
migration works.  He can remove the old db4 after the upgrade.  If he's using 
3c905's he may have to chkconfig kudzu off as FC2 kudzu tended to lock them 
up, which is a pain when your datacenter is a thousand miles away.  If he 
originally configured his network with linuxconf he may have to munge the 
configs in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts before they'll work in FC2.  
Disable IPV6 modules for best performance.  Change /dev/psaux 
to /dev/input/mice if using X.  Move router configs from zebra to quagga.

I also have a note about having to merge dummies on boxes with many IP 
addresses.  Don't recall the details.  Maybe dummy1 stopped working.

I'd advise skipping FC1.  I've upgraded several RH8->FC2 and RH9->FC2 without 
problems.  Wish FC3->U5.04 were as easy.  Never tried RH7.3->FC2.
Thanks for the response Mike. The boxen/hardware in question simply provides shell, python/perl, mail and web services - these are pretty slimmed down installs, but i appreciate the db4 tip - i believe i actually ran into that issue trying to manually upgrade an rh73 box to fc2. I did the following:

1) updated the redhat-release to fedora-release for fc1
2) attempted yum (checked yum's config at this point and repo's config info) this required an RPM upgrade
3) attempted to update RPM and ran into many dependency issues
Note: i now have a basically useless rh73 box, LOL, good thing its a development "throw away" I suppose i could dig up a rescue disk and fix it.

so obviously something in my chaotic "upgrading" messed something up on the box. But thats the general idea - and i gather that same basic information from most google results on doing a yum update from rhX to fcX.

Does your experience lend itself to possibly providing me with some pointers, or in this case "missed items" ?

Thanks again to *all* for *all* the input, this has been an interesting thread.
Michael Weiner
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