Why are you using rawhide (Re: Broken deps in rawhide reports; Participate in improving docs)

Darwin H. Webb thethirddoorontheleft at verizon.net
Sat Nov 5 18:21:23 UTC 2005

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
> Hi
>> The real question is..... what are people reading when they are making
>> the decision to eat rawhide.. and can we get the daily reports tied in
>> to those locations.
> Good question. Perhaps people using rawhide can let the list know 
> these details. Quick survey for those interested.
> * Where did you learn about the existance of rawhide from?
> * How did you get started on using it?
> * What motivates use to use it?
> regards
> Rahul
I agree with Raul 100% on this added information.
Without this list rawhide doesn't exist to the outside world.
I learned of it from someone like Raul, a red hat cert. It took me over 
a month to get organized on Linux enough to sign up for the list, set up 
a mail alias, and start to understand what I was reading. I have always 
thoht the list was lacking detail in the package description and detail 
in the change list.
A long time went by before I understood what the Broken Deps was about.
Since then I have watched person after person ask How to fix deps almost 
the same time someone is saying ooops on the same package.
This would include eary schedule notes too. Like, oh, modular X is 
coming next week and we need tester so the T1 will be delayed.
While I sit hear for 3 weeks waiting for a clean install window. Well 
tooo late. I'll see you after T1 because there is no way to get to 
rawhide (t1 testing) from here with any reasonable % that it would 
install at the last update. A wasted 6 hour download over and over is 
not a reasonable expectation.
And you should know by now that Raul is trying to get the flow of info 
to the right place and people at the right time ASAP.


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