Random rpm script failures

Ivan Gyurdiev ivg2 at cornell.edu
Sun Nov 6 19:34:43 UTC 2005

>> The scripts are all different...one of them runs /sbin/ldconfig and fails...
> Sure.  You told us that; but you never gave any hints why this may
> be happening.  Misconfigured, and/or missing labels,  selinux?
I have both kinds - misconfigured and missing labels... but in 
permissive mode this should not cause failures.
> Hardware problems?  Some libraries shot? 
Not that I know of...
>  Do you have some working crystal ball to lend?
I'm not sure a crystal ball is required - I was just looking for some 
expertise on when RPM scripts can fail with exit code of 255. I suppose 
I could figure that out myself, but I thought it'd be simpler to ask...
> It is not even clear if you did try to run failing scripts "by hand".
Running /sbin/ldconfig seems to work fine, with exit code of 0

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