Gnome misbehaving

Robin Laing Robin.Laing at
Tue Nov 22 18:12:29 UTC 2005

Paul wrote:
> Hi,
> This email is coming via the torture which is a KDE desktop....
> Gnome is playing silly buggers and I'm at a loss as to why - nothing is
> showing in the logs. I login and get the the Fedora "box" which normally
> shows what is loading. It shows metacity and that's it. Nothing else.
> KDE fires up without a problem, but not Gnome.
> Any ideas what may have broken? I hate KDE and want my lovely Gnome
> back.
> Paul

Had this problem on an account that I moved from FC1 to FC4.  Moved 
the .metacity and .gnome* directories to another location and 
restarted.  All was well after that.

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