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Will H. Backman whb at ceimaine.org
Tue Nov 22 19:54:22 UTC 2005

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>Tools of the trade change from one *nix to the other and same with distro's.
>I use all the major *nix at work and (linux|freebsd|solaris) at home and
>they all have there differences that you just have to learn and get used to.
>RH can't force Debian/Suse to use system-config* and the flip side they
>can't force RH/FC to use dpkg/yast. Just something we have to deal with when
>there are 500+ distributions to use out there :) and I don't think LSB has
>any place to tell folks what to name the commands. Plus as it has been
>mentioned, as new tools come out or forks, the name has to change, no
>choice, if it didn't that would be more confusing imho.

I guess the POSIX efforts helped create a basic standard a long time ago, but
things have grown beyond that standard.  I'm not asking to change the name of
tools.  I just wish there was some sort of "meta" tool that points to whatever
tool is actually installed.  MTA switching does that.  We can switch out the
MTA without changing our scripts.  When you think you are calling sendmail,
you are really calling a pointer to whatever MTA you are using.  There used to be
a "control-panel" that just listed a collection of tools.  gnome-linuxconf was
something different.  I just wish we could reliably select "control-panel" and whatever
the tool of the day was would launch.  I don't care what the tool is called that
helps me update my system.  I click on it and it gives me a list of packages that
need updating. Similar "meta tools" could be done on the command line.  Postfix
does this very well.

I'll shut up now.

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