yum broken dep default behaviour

Rudolf Kastl che666 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 25 10:15:46 UTC 2005

Hello List,

Actually i looked a bit deeper into yum when i had time yesterdays.
And since i identified some broken dep chains on my test system which
yum just quietly accepted i decided to write this email to the test
list regarding default yum behaviour.

Actually i personally dont like this default behaviour at all. Even if
yum is meant to be fault tolerant to not block necassery security
update on a "broken system" there should atleast warnings be

Id be curious about the official statement regarding that issue.
Wouldnt it make sense to warn the user when he has a "broken system"
without using other tools than yum or special options?

For those few people that like to have broken dep chains and hate to
be warned every time for whatever reason a simple configure option
would be sufficient in my eyes, this doesent apply to the default
fedora user though in my eyes.

Rudolf Kastl

p.s. this is my personal opinion only, comments welcome

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