rawhide report: 20051011 changes

Chris Lumens clumens at redhat.com
Wed Oct 12 01:07:27 UTC 2005

> 1. I'm forced into a text install because X doesn't come up. The error
> messages are forced off the screen before I had a chance to copy them, and
> don't appear to be logged, but they looked like what I got when I after install
> first booted: complaints about rhpl.monitor.py and rhpl.mouse.py being
> depricated,
> followed by: "ImportError: no module named simpleconfig" from import rhxpl.

Yes, the import error you're seeing is the reason X didn't start.  This
is fixed and will be in tomorrow's rawhide.  I've also fixed the
deprecation warnings so they're more useful and better logged.

> 2. Doing a custom partitioning, with 7G free on a drive, asking to use all
> space remaining for swap gave me 1992 MB swap area and 5G still unused.
> 3. I made /dev/md0 out of /dev/sda1 and sdb1, and at the end of install grub
> was run on both disks:

I haven't seen either of these and nothing springs to mind immediately.
File a bug report with as much info as you can and we'll look at it.

- Chris

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