yum appears to fail to complete updates if interrupted

Gerry Tool gstool at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 10 19:03:53 UTC 2006

Jesse Keating wrote:
> On Thursday 10 August 2006 14:04, Gerry Tool wrote:
>> I was performing a yum update in FC5 when the system froze.  On reboot,
>> I executed yum update again and it updated a partial list of the
>> packages that were listed in the first attempt.  However, one of the
>> packages in the original list, but not the second list was firefox,
>> updating to  After the update, my firefox is still at  
>> I have tried several things to get it to update, all unsuccessfully,
>> including yum clean all followed by another update attempt, and
>> downloading the package and using rpm.  That fails due to dependencies
>> which apparently were also in the interrupted update.
>> Is there some way to clear this up so the failed updates will proceed?
> what does a simple rpm -q firefox show?  It is possible that the update did 
> the first part, install the new package, but froze before the second part, 
> remove old package.  You could in effect have both installed.

[root at gstpc-fc4 openvpn]# rpm -q firefox

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