Weird desktop wide application focusing/cursor problem

Michal Jaegermann michal at
Wed Aug 30 16:46:55 UTC 2006

On Wed, Aug 30, 2006 at 01:47:50PM +0200, Dennis Jacobfeuerborn wrote:
> Michal Jaegermann wrote:
> >>>On Mon, 28 Aug 2006 16:46:08 +0200, Dennis Jacobfeuerborn wrote:
> >>>
> >>>>Since I fully resynced with yesterdays rawhide I now regulary lose the 
> >>>>cursor/ability to type in *any* application on the desktop.
> >
> >It may depend on a display driver used.
> Why would the display driver have anything to do with this?

Things which are drawn on your graphic display have something, as
it happens, to do with your display driver and its configuration.
Such driver handles also such details as acceleration, cursors -
hardware or software, offscreen video memory, etc...
BTW - did you try to see what will happen if you will turn
SWcursor option on?  By default is off.

> Visual feedback 
> works just fine when focusing a window it's just as if the client area of 
> that window doesn't receive that focus event anymore.

Right.  So one possibility is that something is getting confused
about locations of these areas but a question is where.  An
information that something like that is observed only with a
particular driver (or maybe even hardware) or is driver independent
makes a difference when you are trying to figure it out what

> I'm using the radeon driver too.

Well, extra data.  Anybody else?

Oh, and maybe you can display on another machine (forwarding X
through ssh should be the easiest way)?  If yes then are you loosing
focus in such situation too?


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