rawhide report: 20061219 changes

Richard Hally rhally at mindspring.com
Tue Dec 19 19:31:55 UTC 2006

dragoran wrote:
> Richard Hally wrote:
>> Is this the same problem as with IDE drives?
>> I have a simple one hard drive box (IDE) running rawhide with the 
>> default disk layout that doesn't boot any of the 2.6.19 kernels that 
>> have appeared in rawhide (including todays 2885).
>> Is there a bugzilla for the IDE problem? I couldn't find it.
>> Thanks,
>> Richard
> are you using mount by label or are you using hardcoded disk/partition 
> names?
> if yes you have to change form hdX to sdX because IDE is now handled by 
> libata.
I'm using the default FC6 layout i.e. LVM for /(root).
Does this mean that people that are using the default layout on IDE 
drives are going to have to make some manual change somewhere? If so 
what and where?
Thanks for the help

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