Please strip out the patch that brings up applications behind gnome-terminal

Jeff Spaleta jspaleta at
Wed Feb 1 02:51:17 UTC 2006

On 1/31/06, Rudi Chiarito <nutello at> wrote:
> Anyway, do you do anything with gnome-terminal or any other program
> after you start the application, but before its window actually opens?
> Metacity's focus-stealing prevention is supposed to kick in only if you
> interact with anything else after you started the application - the new
> window then will not grab the focus. It's not supposed to be
> unconditional, unless there's a bug that ought to be reported.

Its defnitely not working like you describe it should.  metacity is
unconditionally prefering to keep the focus on the terminal, for
whatever application i start from the terminal even if all i do is hit
enter..whether the mouse is over the terminal or not...whether or not
i touch anything at all before the program opens  My favorite
side-effect of focus stealing protection is starting mplayer in
fullscreen mode from the terminal and having the focus stealing
protection not only have mplayer's full screen window show up under
the gnome-terminal.. but "under" the gnome-panel as a well. It's quite


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