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Chris Adams cmadams at hiwaay.net
Mon Feb 6 20:31:34 UTC 2006

Once upon a time, Build System <buildsys at redhat.com> said:
> NetworkManager-0.5.1-10.cvs20060205
> -----------------------------------
> * Sun Feb 05 2006 Dan Williams <dcbw at redhat.com> 0.5.1-10.cvs20060205
> - Workarounds for madwifi/Atheros cards

Should this work with madwifi-ng?  I see that wpa_supplicant is built
with the madwifi-ng headers.  I put:


in /etc/sysconfig/wpa_supplicant and enabled NetworkManager,
NetworkManagerDispatcher, and wpa_supplicant to start on boot.

It seems that wpa_supplicant interferes with NM's scanning though; NM
wouldn't find anything while wpa_supplicant was running and logged:

Feb  6 15:26:42 cmathink NetworkManager: <WARNING>       nm_device_802_11_wireless_scan (): nm_device_wireless_scan(ath0): couldn't trigger wireless scan.  errno = 22

If I stop wpa_supplicant and try to connect to a WPA network with NM, I

  Error connecting to wireless network

  The requested wireless network requires security capabilities
  unsupported by your hardware.

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