aspell.ppc conflicts with aspell.ppc64

Brian D. Carlstrom bdc at
Fri Feb 10 18:18:10 UTC 2006

shrek-m at writes:
 > aspell.ppc  conflicts with  aspell.ppc64,
 > how can i install aspell.ppc and squirrelmail?

I had this problem on FC4, I did a "yum remove aspell" to remove both
packages since one had overwritten the other some how, only installed
the 32-bit one with "yum install aspell.ppc", then reinstalled the
dependant packages I wanted.

I did this not because of the conflicting problem you were seeing but
because aspell.ppc64 was broken, strace revealed it was looking for
dictionaries in some place like lib64, but no content at that location.


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