Anyone else getting "Battery is fully charged" repeatedly?

Misha Kononov fedora at
Thu Feb 16 21:27:00 UTC 2006

Yup -- been getting that also. Haven't had time to look into it beyond, 
"Wow, that's annoying."


Joshua M. Thompson wrote:
> Before I file a bug report on this I wanted to see if anyone else is
> noticing this weirdness. I think it started within the past two weeks
> but I'm not 100% sure since I usually use my laptop on AC.
> On my laptop (Dell Inspiron 6000 running up-to-date FC5t2), if I go to
> battery power and then back to AC, once the battery is fully charged
> again the gpm applet will keep popping up the "Your battery is now fully
> charged" window every 30 seconds or so, forever, until I log out or
> reboot. It doesn't happen if I never go off AC during my session so I
> don't think it's hardware related (ie I don't think the battery is
> fluctuating or anything weird like that.)
> It's mostly harmless but rather obnoxious as it tends to distract my
> eyes a lot.

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