HWADDR - ifcfg-eth0 - kudzu ??'s

Tom Brinkman tbrinkman at sbcglobal.net
Fri Feb 17 14:33:59 UTC 2006

    I installed FC5-t2 about six weeks ago. It has been updated to 
rawhide daily since. Thurs. morning I enabled kudzu, shut down, 
removed a pci D-link nic card (8139too) to try an solve dsl 
connection problems (drops). On boot I entered bios an enabled the 
onboard 3Com 3c940 (skge) nic on my old Asus A7V600. Rebooted an 
kudzu found the changed nic an configured it for the connection. dsl 
problems have stopped since. 

    Thurs. (yesterday) afternoon I shutdown to boot the new kernel 
(1955). I noticed a mesg that the hwaddr for my nic was wrong... 
ignoring. After booting back up, dsl started on boot an everything 
was workin properly.

    I looked in /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 an 
sure'nuff, the HWaddr shown was different than what '/sbin/ifconfig' 
reported (I'm sure the d-link's numbers), so I edited the file (which 
also changed the two ifcfg-eth0 files linked to it).  BTW, ifcfg-eth0 
from my previous distro, Mandriva cooker, didn't even have a HWADDR= 
entry.  Shutdown to test, an the warning was gone.

    There might be another ingredient to this. As with all distros 
since I've had sbc adsl (pppoe), I've had to edit ifcfg-eth0 to, 
BOOTPROTO=none, from =dhcp, even tho this is a dynamic ip connection 
(1.5Mb/384kb). Otherwise on boot up, it hangs on eth0 till it times 
out (fails). Even tho eth0 is then workin properly after boot up.

    I've searched bugzilla an only found one unrelated HWADDR bug. So, 
shouldn't of kudzu taken care of the eth0 config edit ?, an do y'all 
think this should be reported (bugzilla) ?  It's really a very minor 
thing, but could confuse an disturb newbies.

    TIA, sorry for being long winded, but I'm tryin to be complete   
	Tom Brinkman		      Corpus Christi, Texas

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