todays rawhide - feedback

dragoran dragoran at
Sun Feb 19 12:29:42 UTC 2006

I installed todays rawhide tree and found this issues:
1) why is there no shutdown/reboot in the gnome menus ? this is a 
desktop system and I do not want to suspend it.
2) the user switch feature disappered from gnome-screensaver
I was using test2+updates (some days/weeks old) and did not had this issues.
can this changes be reverted in fc5 final?
other issues :
beagled should be started by default if it is enabled in the preferences 
(had to add it to the gnome-session)
why is xfs started by default in runlevel 3 ? If I boot into runlevel 3 
(=textmode) I do not need xfs (doubt that anybody needs it)

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