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shrek-m at shrek-m at
Mon Feb 20 07:43:26 UTC 2006

On 20.02.2006 01:22, Jason Montleon wrote:

> It is out.  I 
> thought it wasn't supposed to be released until Monday in the states, 
> but I download from this local (for me) mirror Saturday morning over 
> here which would have been Friday evening in the states.  I had 
> nothing to lose installing it, so I went ahead.

there exist multiples release dates for fc5t3 :-)

13 Feb ?

DTSTART;VALUE=DATE:20060213  <--
SUMMARY:FC5test3 release

or  22 Feb ?
-->  22  February 2006  test3 release, translation build freeze (builds completed)

or  20 Feb ?

check the real release date here.
$ lftp
cd: Zugriff nicht möglich: 550 Failed to change directory. 


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