FC5T3 x86-64 terse install report (with one install bug?)

Josh islifefun1975 at yahoo.com
Wed Feb 22 10:37:32 UTC 2006

Hello all,

I been a linux user since RH 5.0 days and couldn't
wait to test FC5T3. The anaconda installer is very
very slick ;-)

Downloaded all 5 CDROMS for installation on AMD64 box.

1. Started installation from external USD DVDRW drive.

2. Disk 1 boots and after the inital steps asks me for
install location (Local CDROM, Local Harddrive, NFS,
3. Selected Local CDROM drive. Anaconda complains that
no Fedora CD was found.
5. I go back to previous menu. Installation continues
with a prompt to scan the disk. 
6. Skipped CD testing. Install seem to continue
7. Anaconda terminates installation and prepares for
shutdown. On debug screen, there is a message about

I disconnect external USB DVDRW drive and continue
installation with internal DVD drive. Installation is

I would like to know if anyone has been successful in
installing from external USB drives, After confirming
this to be a bug, I will file a bug#.

Other trivial improvements to anaconda could be,
1. While configuring network devices for static IP,
the cursor should jump automatically to the next IP
bit. This needs a simple TAB now, but automated is

2. After entering the static IP, the netmask should be
automatically populated to User can
change this if needed.

I know these are trivial but when installing the
distribution a hundred times at various locations,
this will be a little bit easier on the installer.

I will be installing FC5T3 on a few more systems and
laptops next week :)


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