ppc32 kernel/zaptel missing symbol & turn off -fstack-protector

Peter Gordon admin at ramshacklestudios.com
Wed Feb 22 19:19:03 UTC 2006

Patrick said:
> One of the developers of Asterisk told me it is cause by
> -fstack-protector. This indeed shows up during the compilation of the
> zaptel kernel modules.
> A sugesstion was to turn off -fstack-protector. Anyone have a hint how I
> do that in e.g. the rpm spec file?

One way is to add "-fno-stack-protector" to the compiler flags (e.g.,
%{optflags} or $RPM_OPT_FLAGS for rpm's building tools).

Of course, another (probably more secure) way is to patch the code
so that it works with the stack-protector. :-P


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