Booting from USB DVD broken? (FC5T3)

Josh islifefun1975 at
Fri Feb 24 05:29:35 UTC 2006

Hello Jim,

I had problems with FC5T3 installation from external USB DVDRW drive {"FC5T3 terse install report with one install bug?). 

I was able to boot  the FC5T4 CD1 (seem to take forever) but anaconda segfaults during second stage of installation (after media check..)

I later installed it using an internal drive.

Thanks for filing the bug report.


Jim Cornette <fct-cornette at> wrote: I seem to remember someone posting to the list regarding problems with 
installing from a USB interfaced DVD reader/writer. I could not find the 
previous post. I did however find the problem when attempting to install 
  FC5T3 on two different SBC systems using a Memorex DVD reader/writer.
I am able to install the FC5T2 installation from DVD. I checked the 
burned DVD using the USB DVD recorder/player and it passed the media test.
The FC5T5 install fails in both GUI and text modes. FC5T2 installs fine 
on the same computers and with the same DVD device and brand of blank 
DVD's used for the burn.
I filed a bug report but I thought I'd ask if others are having similar 
failures and what boot options could be issued to bypass the recently 
introduced error, if any workarounds available.


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