Is Core5 ready

Leslie Satenstein lsatenstein at
Fri Feb 24 15:04:07 UTC 2006

A concerned tester.
  I asked this question, since, from day 1 of core 5 (test1). The Canadian French Keyboard definition as implemented is wrong, the good definition is in Core4. When will the good definition be transfered to Core5? It was in Bugzilla.  So, if you cannot use the keyboard without buying a second one, what is the point of going live.
  Do you think that by closing the list of open bugs, without verifying if each bug was corrected, was a wise decision? It is one that I cannot accept. 
  Therefore, when Core5 goes live, perhaps optimistically too soon, I will not be one to be on the bleeding edge. I would prefer to see a delay, until each bug that was on the list as of Feb 16th is resolved.
  Celebrating my 40th year in IT.
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