man pages for GLUT?

Jonathan Berry berryja at
Sun Feb 26 03:03:36 UTC 2006

Hi all,

Does anyone know why there are no man pages included for GLUT in the
freeglut (or freeglut-devel) package?  My school has some version of
SuSE running on the computers that we do OpenGL development on.  The
SuSE version of the freeglut rpms has the man pages (specifially, they
are in the freeglut-devel rpm).  I've noticed that there is some HTML
documentation included with the Fedora rpm, but nothing quite as
helpful as man pages.  If there are not any licencing issues with the
man pages (could there be?), would it be possible for the Fedora rpms
to include these?  I have no idea where they come from.


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