Burning ISOs

Anne Wilson cannewilson at tiscali.co.uk
Sun Feb 26 10:18:06 UTC 2006

On Saturday 25 February 2006 22:31, Mike A. Harris wrote:
> Then, cd burning worked again.  Yay!  Only it failed randomly sometimes
> for some reason that I couldn't figure out.  Eventually I discovered
> it was because of autorun or magicdev or something like that, so I
> blew those away and it worked again.  Then, if I tried to mount a
> CD on CDROM unit #2, it would fry the burn happening on CDburner
> unit #1 (both on same IDE cable).
You could call that one self-inflicted :-)

> Ever since then, which was around RHL 7.1 or maybe 7.2, CD burning
> has been working then broken, then working, then broken, etc., at
> least for me.  I've tried 3 different burners, one a DVD burner, and
> have experienced unreliable behaviour which I considered unacceptable.
> Each time, I scan the lists and bugzilla and find various reports of
> problems, and then just work around it temporarily by rebooting a box
> into XP and using Nero or CDRwin.  As much as I hate Windows totally,
> I don't remember the last time I burned a frisbee in the evil
> proprietary OS.
In contrast, I have been burning in linux, first on Mandrake/Mandriva then on 
FC4, for over 4 years.  When K3B first came out I had problems with it, but I 
had been happily burning with XCDRoast, so I stuck with that for another 6 
months or so.  Since then K3B has been fine.  I still use either, depending 
on what I want to do.  In neither case did I have to do anything other than 
run the application's setup.

> All I can say is that hopefully all of the different aspects of
> why cd/dvd burning in Linux is currently a bumpy ride for at least
> some people, eventually get worked out, whatever the root cause(s)
> happen to be.
As Jeff remarked, speed can be the cause of problems.  I always set the 
maximum burn speed for half the rate that the drive claims.  Coasters are 
almost unknown for me.

I don't think that applications are the cause of your problems, Mike, so maybe 
it's media, or maybe it's settings.

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