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David Timms dtimms at
Thu Jan 12 10:05:11 UTC 2006

shrek-m at wrote:

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>    2. Quoting and Answering
>    2.1 How much should I quote?
> It is not necessary to quote the entire text of the person you respond 
> to. A quoting should always and first of all clarify the context, 
> enabling the reader to understand the flow of the thread. A quoting is 
> not ment to re-post the previous article. [...]

Just a query: Do any subscribers to the list use a threaded mail viewer 
? Since subscribing, I realized it's an option that I normally don't use 
for email. But for this back and forthing, it is really helpful: it is 
easy to ignore a thread I'm not interested in, yet keep all the previous 
messages in each thread together, so when further Q/A/statements are 
posted, they are automatically grouped with the original thread. It also 
means a quoted part needs only be seriously minimal. When I was 
accessing the list through the monthly archive on redhat or aims group, 
it was terrible trying to match together bits of the same thread from a 
long web page of post links. Google groups used to showing threading, 
but their new version hides that by default : (  Silly when it really 
ideal for this sort of information, so that you don't need to keep 
reading the same crud over and over.

If there is anyone willing to let us know what method you use to read 
the list, please reply to this thread ? And also whether your method 
supports threading ? Is there any web mail servers that can provide 
threaded message lists ? Can ms lookout do it (haven't used it for 4 
years) ?

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