threaded email viewer - re: Quoting and Answering

n0dalus n0dalus+redhat at
Thu Jan 12 13:07:16 UTC 2006

On 1/12/06, David Timms <dtimms at> wrote:
> If there is anyone willing to let us know what method you use to read
> the list, please reply to this thread ? And also whether your method
> supports threading ? Is there any web mail servers that can provide
> threaded message lists ? Can ms lookout do it (haven't used it for 4
> years) ?

Most good mail apps support threads. Thunderbird/Evolution can do it.
There's usually an item in the View menu that says 'View as threads'
or somesuch. It's not done on the mail server. Alternatively you can
use a threaded newsreader and get the fedora lists by nntp at

I personally use Gmail (Google's web mail), which does a really
fantastic job of sorting out threads and replies (and I can't complain
about the 2.6GB free space). Email me privately off-list if you would
like an account invite, or use the SMS signup at:

Good luck,

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