How many FireFox 64bit users are there?

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Sun Jan 15 14:11:05 UTC 2006

Justin Conover wrote:

> I'm curious how many of the 64 bit os users out there, really need a 
> 64bit web browser?
> Is there any reason you couldn't live with a 32 bit one?
> Can Fedora put firefox.i386 in the x86_64 tree, just like several 
> other i386 rpms?
> I realize adding it is pretty simple, I've done it for a long time.  
> However with processors being realitivly cheap new users are buying 
> the amd64 all the time and want to run a 64 bit os.  We either turn 
> around and tell them, go to <> grab the 
> package and install it else were ( can't find fedora bugs ) or cp your 
> fedora.repo add i386 through it, and overlap a hole lot of packages, 
> "have fun with that"....
> I personally use one from <> at the 
> moment because I do need things like flash and plugins like that.  
> Before you start whining telling me its closed source, my wife is a 
> photorgrapher and her website has a lot of flash, I'm sure many of you 
> can understand telling your wife no, can't go to your website because 
> you used closed source flash would go over like a lead ballon ;)  And 
> its not just here site, I go to a lot of places that have flash and so 
> do a lot of people.

Does open source solutions like Swfdec, Gnash and GPLFlash work for 
you?. If anyone packages these up, it might be worth checking out.


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