Must I install FC2 Test 2?

Jeff Spaleta jspaleta at
Tue Jan 17 18:59:34 UTC 2006

On 1/17/06, Chasecreek Systemhouse <chasecreek.systemhouse at> wrote:
> Must I install FC2 Test 2?   Or can I just keep my "operational"
> system updated with the development branch?
> I am wondering -- Isn't that the same thing?
> Or do the CDROMs have differing software than the development download branch?

For day to day testing pulling from the development branch is equivalent.
What really matters when a new test release snapshot comes out is that
testers take the time to brutalize the install/upgrade process in
anaconda and make sure firstboot works as expected. Anaconda has seen
a lot of rework and deserves a subsequent amount of testing scrutiny
across as much hardware as possible.

I personally keep a older, smaller harddrive around just to do
anaconda based installs/upgrades using the test release media... and
then switch back to my "normal" rawhide install to test daily package
updates for the crap a use day to day.


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