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David Boles dgboles at
Fri Jan 20 15:36:09 UTC 2006

David Nielsen wrote:
> fre, 20 01 2006 kl. 05:35 -0800, skrev David Boles:
>> David Nielsen wrote:
>>> fre, 20 01 2006 kl. 18:13 +1030, skrev n0dalus:
>>>> On 1/20/06, David Boles <dgboles at> wrote:
>>>>> I was asked why the GNOME panel clock calendar displays weeks that begin with
>>>>> Monday.
>>>>> The other questions are. Can it be changed to begin with Sunday? And, of
>>>>> course if possible, how to change it? If not, why not?
>>>> I could be wrong, but I think it uses the system locale to determine
>>>> what day the week starts on.
>>> You'd be right, provided the application actually reads that bit of
>>> information. Which leaves me in the situation where the clock applet
>>> says the first day of the week is Sunday and Evolution Calendar says in
>>> Monday - in the same session mind you. The worst bit is that for once
>>> Evolution is right, in Denmark Monday is the first day of the week. 
>>> I think this insanity warrents a bugreport.
>>> David *I hate mondays* Nielsen
>> That 'other desktop', the one that starts with a 'K', starts the week with a
>> Monday for me also. But it can be changed. I wonder why, or how, it can be
>> changed in GNOME?
> Because this is and should be dependant on the locale setting - it's by
> far the best way to handle getting the correct settings for an given
> country. Rely on already established functionality rather than
> reinventing the wheel, although that seems to be the trademark of that
> other desktop.
> Oh and please don't cc me I'm on the list, although for some reason my
> mails to -test/-devel don't appear in my mailbox, they are in the
> archives though. I'm guessing Evolution is suffering from development
> syndrome atm.
> - David

Point one. I live in the USA and my locale is American English, fonts, all. My
GNOME calendar week starts with Monday as does a KDE calendar. The last time I
looked the week here starts with Sunday.

Point two. I did not Cc: you myself. By replying to your post on the list I
get two To: lines in the email header. One to you and one to the list. I
thought that you had wanted it that way so I left it that way. This time I
removed the To: to you.

There is something wrong with gmail, I am told. You will get the 'list
traffic' but not anything you reply to or post back as 'list traffic'. If/when
someone adds to the thread you get their reply with your part in the quote. It
sounds strange but I had the same thing happening here and on other lists
where I used that address.



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